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The first “Zhejiang Made” International Mutual Certification in Qiantang New Area is released.

Recently, in the Zhejiang Made Product Certification 2020, the extrusion type injection molding machine launched by tederic Machinery Co., Ltd. successfully passed the “Zhejiang Made” international certification by the international certification body TUV. Tederic Machinery Co., Ltd. becomes the first “Zhejiang Made” production enterprise that obtains international mutual recognition in Qiantang New Area. This signifies that the enterprise in the new area will show the world the “first-class domestic and advanced international” Chinese samples.


In recent years, Zhejiang Province has taken the lead in launching the “Zhejiang Made” regional public brand building in China. Through a combination of quality, standards and brands, it has made great efforts to build a “Zhejiang Made” brand system of regional brand, advanced standards, market certification and international recognition. In addition, 6 certification organizations, such as UL, BV and SGS are introduced to realize “multinational certificate in one certification”, helping companies to gain the recognition of domestic and international markets in a more convenient way.


Tederic Machinery Co., Ltd., a high-end intelligent injection molding machine manufacturer in Qiantang New Area, has the core technology research and development capabilities of injection molding machines and the manufacturing capabilities of key components. The Market Supervision Branch of Qiantang New Area includes the company in the key brand cultivation library, opens a green channel for guidance and assistance, and actively propagates and promotes. Moreover, it supports the company for “Zhejiang Made” International Mutual Certification in accordance with the one-stop certification mode of “one standard, one test, one certification and multinational certificate”, and actively intervenes in the docking with the enterprise, certification bodies and certification alliances, to provide a full range of services for the enterprise. The company obtained the CE International Mutual Certification while completing the on-site assessment and getting the “Zhejiang Made Word Mark” certification.