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In-mold Labeling and Independent Vertical Rotary Table for more beautiful, flexible and high-end

tederic appeared at the China International Plastics Expo 2020 with two Dream series products of DD.800mm precision two-color injection molding machine for laptops and DE.325f electric high-speed machine for thin-walled packaging, bringing efficient and complete injection molding solutions and technical experience to customers and visitors.

01. LabelSure™ In-Mold Labeling Molding Technology --High-quality

High-quality plastic packaging products require special labels and high-quality graphics. tederic LabelSure™ in-mold labeling molding technology improves product quality and production efficiency, while reducing material wastage. This technology has been equipped for tederic Dream T and H series./p>


It is a process to put the pre-made label paper into the mold cavity of the injection molding machine for product production. After injection molding, the label paper of PP material can be closely integrated with the product, and due to the particularity of its material, the product can be better protected and decorated. In the high-speed molding solution of IML coffee cup at the exhibition, a single cup has a weight of 6g, with molding time of 4s, and 8 cups can be molded each time.

Benefits of LabelSure™ In-mold Labeling Technology

  • High-quality sense: The appearance of the product has a sense of high quality through single-sided, double-sided, four-sided and other multi-position labeling.
  • Safe and durable: The special label can be mould-proof, moisture-proof, corrosion-proof and scratch-proof, making the whole finished product safer and more durable.
  • Lower cost and higher efficiency: The production and decoration of the product can be finished in one step by the in-mold labeling process, which greatly reduces the labor cost and resource consumption of production.
  • Environmental protection and low recycling cost: The label paper used for in-mold labeling and the product are made of the same material, and no separate stripping is needed after use, which is convenient for product recycling
  • Flexible: There are various label processing forms, rich patterns and colors, and the types can be customized as required, which is convenient for product decoration and classification.


Applications of LabelSure™ In-mold Labeling Molding Technology

  • Food packaging: Packaging of food on the shelf
  • Chemical container: Paint bucket
  • Daily necessities: Trash can



02. SpinSure™-V Independent Vertical Rotary Table --Stable, diversified

It is an independent rotary table control unit of tederic, and an independent rotary table system with modular design. The vertical rotary table with a diameter of 2250mm is easy to install and maintain, and can easily help customers to upgrade their equipment. It can be matched with ordinary single-color injection molding machines to increase the application range of injection molding machines. With the special positioning structure of the rotary table, it can realize multi-station control of the rotary table and expansion of equipment functions. With multi-angle injection unit, it can realize the injection molding from single product to multi-component product. This technology has been applied to tederic Dream T series.

现场展机 DD.800mm 精密双色笔电专用注塑机

Benefits of SpinSure™-V Independent Vertical Rotary Table

  • Modular design and flexible assembly: The modular design is convenient for handling and maintenance. The water, electricity and gas circuits can be freely arranged with the independent device, and customized design can be realized according to the synchronization needs of customers.
  • Reliable structure and stable transmission: The rotary table support structure and brake system assembled ensure the fast, efficient and stable rotation of the rotary table.
  • Accurate control, stable and efficient operation: The built-in servo rotary table control system can realize accurate control, ensuring fast and stable operation, and it can save about 30% of the running time compared with hydraulic motor control systems. The cylinder aids positioning, which makes the positioning of the rotary table more accurate and faster.
  • Durable structure and easy to use: It has a rotary table ejection mechanism to separate the rotary table from the bottom plate, and the high wear-resistant rotary table plane and internal lubrication system are used to reduce the wear of the rotary table.

Applications of SpinSure™-V Independent Vertical Rotary Table

  •  Auto parts, home appliances, communication electronics and other industries.


Tederic can develop a full set of production solutions for customers: To improve production efficiency in a more humane way with the automatic material removal function.