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tederic high-gloss and precision parts injection molding sharing

tederic gathered Kunshan Plastics Industry Association, Plastics World and 400 guests from the industry to Kunshan to enjoy the collision of enthusiasm and wisdom. With the theme of “tederic Exclusive Technology-Injection Molding of High-end Precision Parts”, the future development and trend of plastics industry were deeply discussed.


Industry experts pointed out that with the improvement of consumers’ requirements for appearance and quality of consumer goods, higher requirements are put forward for the surface finish and precision of plastic products. Based on this development trend, tederic brought its exclusive precision injection molding and high-gloss technology to the guests present, and shared the high-gloss parts solutions professionally. The GlosSure™ high-gloss processing technology, MultiMold™ multi-color master technology and tederic electric technology developed by tederic have become effective solutions to customer needs.


--More beautiful, faster and more stable

01. GlosSure™ High-gloss Processing Technology

Ultra-cold and super-hot technologies often have higher requirements for molds and equipment, which makes the production process more complicated, without reducing costs. GlosSure™ high-gloss technology solves the problems of ultra-cold and super-hot technologies. With the tederic opposite-injection multi-component machine with horizontal rotary table, it enables the products with high surface finish and high hardness. In addition, product molding can be realized at one time, reducing subsequent processing procedures such as laminating, coating and painting, and avoiding resource waste and the possibility of environmental pollution.


--Flexible, multi-combination

02. MultiMold™ Multi-color Master

MultiMold™ multi-color and multi-angle injection unit technology is a solution of tederic for flexible response to customers’ production layout and factory planning requirements, and more possibilities of model expansion.

It has four injection units: MultiMold-HL horizontal lateral injection unit, MultiMold-V vertical injection unit, MultiMold-OL overlap injection unit, MultiMold-HP horizontal parallel injection unit, which are convenient for customers for flexible combination of modular injection units, and it also supports simultaneous operation of 6 injection units.


--Stable, energy-saving, material-saving and sensitive

03. tederic’s Mature Electric Technology

tederic DE electric injection molding machine has an injection repeatability of 1‰ and a larger CMK value. Under the same conditions, it can save 33% and 35% energy in manufacturing A55 energy-saving lampshades and RE-32 lunch boxes, compared with ordinary hydraulic machines. It is equipped with the mold with self-learning ability. The paper cup test for the protective function of molds proves that the compression sensitivity of the mold can be as low as 0.3mm.

tederic electric technology has been widely used in overseas markets. tederic’s electric injection molding machine can fully control both 3C components and logistics frames, bringing customers high quality, cost control, intelligent production and other benefits.

The compression sensitivity of the mold can be as low as 0.3mm.


04. tederic Night Dinner Party

Having been immersed in the rational thinking of the round-table conference for a long time, we would like to take the opportunity of tederic Night Dinner Party to wish China’s plastics industry a bright future.