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DE.c Classic electric injection molding machine

Toggle structure

The DE.c integrates electric and hydraulic technology, inheriting the full-electric characteristics of precision, high efficiency and energy saving.

The injection, storing and mold opening and closing are operated by electric technology. The centre, moving seat and neutron devices are operated by hydraulic technology, which combines the flexibility and convenience of a hydraulic press for mold applications, and it is very suitable for clean room applications. Due to its high precision, this process is also very suitable for small and medium-sized parts such as culture dishes and injectors and medical products.

Flexibility of transmission structure

The mechanical drive form with screw and pulley is highly adaptable and easy to maintain.


Adjustable screw connection

The screw connection structure can be adjusted accordingly, and the screw runout is controlled within 0.05mm.


T-slot template design

T-slot template and the embedded mold positioning ring make mold installation more convenient and operation more reliable.


Modular electric control cabinet design

The weak current cabinet, strong current cabinet and servo control cabinet are arranged separately, which ensures safe and reliable system and convenient maintenance and operation.


Integrated servo power station

The independent hydraulic servo pump station is used to drive the injection unit, mold height adjustment, core pulling and other actions, which is convenient to adapt to more core-pulling molds and has a higher cost performance.



  • The integrated servo hydraulic pump station provides power for carriage, mold height adjustment, core pulling and other actions, and can be adapted to core pulling or unscrewing molds.
  • The mold opening and closing, injection and storing actions are controlled by a motor, and the position accuracy is up to 0.01mm, with high precision product forming.
  • The actions of mold opening, charging and injection can be synchronized, saving the molding cycle.
  • The max. injection rate of the equipment is 200mm/s.

Main Application Sectors

exe_packaging & medical
exe_automotive parts
Auto Parts
exe_household appliance
Home Appliances
Communication Electronics