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DE.f High-speed electric injection molding machine

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DE.f high-speed electric injection molding machine has gradually replaced the application of hydraulic press in the packaging field.

In the DE.f series, the advantages of high precision, high efficiency and high energy saving of electric machines are fully applied to the field of thin-walled packaging.

By strengthening the rigidity of clamping structure and improving control, it can keep a good operating state and stability, and meet the high-strength and precise production needs in the field of thin-walled packaging.

One-line electric injection structure 

It can realize precise control, with injection position accuracy of 0.01mm, injection weight repeatability of 0.7‰, and heating temperature control accuracy of ±0.5℃;

High-rigidity linear guide 

The high-rigidity linear guide structure adopted realizes the gapless movement of the injection structure, improves the rigidity of the system, ensures high positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy, reduces unconventional friction between the screw and the inner wall of the barrel, and extends the service life of the screw and the barrel.


Super long tie bar guide design

The super long tie bar guide design of the clamping structure makes the template run more smoothly, which can ensure the service life of equipment under high speed operation.

Enhanced machine body design

The clamping and injection machine body has higher rigidity and higher parallelism, which can effectively ensure the smooth operation of equipment.


Independent control cabinet design

The independent control cabinet and electric rack with professional layout facilitate the electrical maintenance, installation and transportation of equipment.



  • It has a wide range of injection rate, and can replace high-end hydraulic machines and imported full-electric machines;
  • High rigidity, high strength design, high-quality parts configuration ensure high stability and high precision of machine production;
  • It reaches the national first-level energy consumption standard.

Main Application Sectors

exe_packaging & medical