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Clamping force
Clamping structure
Toggle structure
Power system
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DE.h All electric injection molding machine

Toggle structure

DE.h is suitable for the production of various high-precision products such as clean medical products and precision electronics.

The DE.h high-end precision electric injection molding machine is developed with the company’s independent research and development advantages and parts processing capabilities. The whole series of models adopt components of internationally renowned brands with superior performance and stable quality.

Self-locking function of high rigid structure

It makes the mold opening and closing action smooth and fast, and also realizes self-locking of the structure after clamping to extend the service life of the screw rod.


Power source by servo motor

The servo motor directly drives the components through the belt pulley, with flexible structure, strong adaptability and precise control.


V-shaped toggle mechanism

The central compression effect of the V-shaped toggle mechanism device ensures the clamping force is evenly transmitted to the mold, reducing excess clamping force and protecting mold life.


Quick response ability 

The driver realizes closed-loop control of position, speed and pressure, and the scanning cycle is as fast as 250μs, with quicker response and higher accuracy.

Full-motor professional control system

The independent drive system and precision feedback components can realize precise control and action linkage of equipment.



  • Full servo motor precision control, with mold clamping and injection position accuracy up to 0.01mm.
  • The machine has a pressure accuracy of 1 bar and can achieve 0.1% injection weight repeatability control.
  • The motor controls the high screw speed, and the overall plasticizing capacity can be increased by 25% compared with the hydraulic machine.
  • With screw centering mechanism, the screw runout is controlled within 0.05mm.
  • The professional double lubrication system reduces the use cost.

Main Application Sectors

Communication Electronics
exe_household appliance
Home Appliance
exe_packaging & medical
Daily Necessities