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Auto Parts

Our excellent products can maintain high-cost performance and high competitiveness in the developing auto parts industry, especially the flexible combination and modular universality of each series, which can fully meet the diverse needs of various auto parts manufacturers.

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Exterior Parts

The appearance and structure of the automobile can be improved in the overall look and sense by enhancing the texture of exterior parts.


Interior Parts

The interior parts with technological functionality and comfort are crucial for consumers to perceive the overall quality of the automobile.

Auto lights

Auto Lights

Auto lights are important components for the overall appearance of the automobile, and play the role of lighting and signaling. Therefore, higher requirements are set for auto lights in vision and functionality.

Structural parts

Drive System/Structural Parts

With compact, lightweight and practical features, we offer customized injection molding solutions for engine plastic parts.


Glass Assembly Parts

Our multi-component and modular design concept provide professional solutions for your injection molding production of lightweight auto glass used for roofs and side windows.