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Urban Construction

Plastic products play an indispensable role in modern urban construction, and are lighter, more flexible and durable compared with alternative materials. Tederic provides professional and experienced injection molding solutions and services in the production of plastic products for urban construction such as PVC/PPR/PE pipe fittings and inspection wells.

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Rainwater collector

Rainwater Collector

The rainwater collection module is a part of the rainwater utilization system, which collects and stores rainwater.

inspection well

Inspection Well

The plastic inspection well features good sealing performance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, and can be conveniently and reliably connected with plastic pipes.

PE pipe

PE Pipe Fittings

PE pipe fittings feature unique advantages such as aging resistance and smooth inner wall.


PVC&PPR Pipe Fittings

PVC&PPR pipe fittings are low cost, easy processing and convenient loading and unloading.