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Home Appliances

Given the increasing labor costs in industrial business, many home appliances manufactures put fully-automatic management on the agenda to reduce its costs. Under this condition, Tederic is providing advanced technology and reliable injection molding machines to ensure stable and intelligent operation, thereby laying a solid foundation for home appliance manufactures to establish fully-automatic factories in the future.

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white appliances

White Home Appliances

In recent years, new plastic processing technologies have been widely used in the molding of home appliances plastic products

black appliances

Black Home Appliances

In the electronic information era, audio-visual, electronic, digital and other black home appliances have increasingly higher precision requirements for plastic components.

small appliances

Small Home Appliances

Small home appliances have been integrated into our daily life and in a rapid growth stage with huge market potential. With the help of national energy conservation and environmental protection policies, healthy and energy-saving home appliances are increasingly favored by more consumers.