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Tederic leading technology focused on innovation and helping our costumers choose the right solution for their products.

  • Addshot-E

    Addshot-E ™

    Addshot-E ™ independent electric auxiliary injection unit is a functional product designed based on all-electric precision molding technology.

  • BlowSure


    To meet the production needs of special-shaped products and promote the production efficiency, BlowSure ™ injection blow molding technology was developed.

  • cellesure


    Plastic products are required to be resistant to compression, durable and lightweight in many fields.

  • CompoSure


    CompoSure™ injection-compression molding technology is a process to reduce the injection pressure and the internal stress of the material, ensure the performance and dimensional

  • E-Charge™


    E-Charge™ electric preplasticizing technology is a technical method in which the traditional hydraulic motor is replaced with “large torque servo motor + gearbox drive system” t

  • GlosSure


    The high-end industry has higher quality standards for the surface effect of plastic products.

  • LabelSure


    LabelSure™ in mold labeling technology is an integrated injection molding process for better protection and decoration of plastic products.

  • 金属嵌件工艺

    Metal Insert

    The metal insert technology combines the easy moldability of plastic with the rigidity, strength and heat resistance of metal to make complex and exquisite metal-plastic integra

  • pullsure


    PullSure™ tie bar retraction technology provides an effective solution to the problem of mold installation caused by limited workshop space.

  • spinsure-h


    The traditional injection molding machine has a limited mold rotation space, and cannot withstand over-weighted molds.

  • spinsure-v


    SpinSure™-V independent rotary table adopts a modular design for multi-color injection on a small injection molding machine, and it can be freely matched with ordinary single-co

  • x-shot


    X-Shot™ super large injection size technology adopts two-stage extrusion plasticizing injection mechanism to realize super large capacity injection molding.